Where strategic and creative skills combine with expertise in sports marketing.

The evolution of fan behavior has brought new challenges for the entire system to face: rightsholders need to capture the attention of fans in competition with other kinds of entertainment; brands want to communicate with them; institutions are increasingly aware that sports are an effective territorial marketing tool.

Our Strategy & Communication team, as a consultant, facilitator, and cultural interpreter, analyzes changes and supports stakeholders in evolving or creating effective models in the present and future.

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A sustainable future is our big challenge: we aim to create a culture of sustainability and promote concrete actions through sport, its values, and its community.

The United Nations and the European Commission have given a clear direction to all industries on the planet: the pursuit of sustainability will be more and more a central theme for every economically relevant project.
Sport speaks a universal language able to bring people together across borders, and it has the responsibility to put this power at the service of a more sustainable future.
For this reason, the Strategy and Communication team wants to match the UN SDGs in every project, and it is promoting the use of an innovative format, created in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Turin and AWorld, that can actively involve all stakeholders in a sporting event, from organizers to fans.